LAVI Programs for Olim

The Next Stage


LAVI hosts THE NEXT STAGE Monday nights in Jerusalem for recent olim to Israel seeking to “keep making Aliyah” by actively participating in the story of the Jewish people. The objective of the initiative is to define the next goals of the Zionist movement by creating a space for olim to collectively examine the Jewish people’s ideological foundations, historic roots, national aspirations, past achievements and current challenges in order to properly apply those ideological foundations to Israel’s current challenges within the context of Jewish aspirations and what has already been achieved.



LAVI operates BML (BEIT MIDRASH LAVI) study sessions in Jerusalem Wednesday nights to provide olim with a holistic and historically relevant approach to Torah, as well as the opportunity to study and apply big ideas from ancient texts to some of the most pressing challenges currently confronting the Jewish people. Texts are drawn from a variety of sources, appealing to a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds. Lessons take place in English, though many of the supplementary texts are in Hebrew.

avat LAVI


Olim active with LAVI are seeking to create an agricultural training center that will present opportunities for bringing students and tourists to learn about the authentic Jewish approach to farming and shepherding. The center will also provide expression for residents involved in the arts.


The goal is to create, stage by stage, a center for olim, students and tourists to learn and engage in farming, livestock and the arts from a uniquely Hebrew perspective.


The proposed project aims to directly involve volunteers (stemming mostly from groups of young Diaspora Jews in Israel on programs or pre/post program) and to engage all those seeking to make an ideological contribution to the State of Israel.

Shabbat Eretz Yisrael


LAVI organizes educational/social Shabbat programs for olim in historically significant yet controversial Jewish communities where participants interact with local residents and experience Shabbat on the frontlines of Jewish history. The Shabbat programs, as social as they are educational, include a half-day Friday tour and build a sense of community and mutual support among like-minded olim interested in actively participating in the story of their people.