Sample Itinerary: Beyond the Either/Or































































Morning – Orientation (“Unpacking Israel Baggage”)

Afternoon – “Getting to Know the Middle East” with Dr. Mordekhai Kedar

Evening – Meet with International Palestinian Rights Activist Chris Whitman



Morning – Session on Effective Campus Communication

Afternoon – Tour & Wine Tasting in the Central Mountain Region (Psagot, Beit El, Gva’ot, Shiloh)

Evening – Understanding the “Settler Ideology” followed by a night out in Neve Erez



Morning – Meet with Ramallah activist Sulaiman Khatib

Afternoon – Tour of Northern Samaria



Northern Samaria (“Decolonizing Jewish Identity”)



Morning – Visit Knesset & meet with lawmakers from across the political spectrum

Afternoon – Lunch with Zev Golan of the Jerusalem Institute of Market Studies

Evening – Panel on Zionist Ideology & Vision for Israel’s Future



Morning – Tour Hebron with Palestinian and Jewish community leaders

Afternoon – Lunch with Sheikh Farid al-Jabari of the Hebron Hills

Evening – Meet Beit Ummar Palestinians followed by dinner at Gavna with Judean peace activist Shaul Yudelman



Morning – Session on the 5 Major Flaws of Pro-Israel Advocacy

Afternoon – Lunch with Bethlehem activist Sami Awad

Evening – Travel to Eastern Judea



A Desert Journey of Self-Discovery



Morning – Meet Rabbi Ben Abrahamson of the Committee for Historical Research in Islam

Afternoon – Session on Understanding the Political Class

Evening – Dinner with Fighter for the Freedom of Israel Ezra Yakhin



Morning – Ir David and Ir Amim (the Struggle for Jerusalem)

Afternoon – Panel on Alternative Solutions to the Middle East Conflict



Jerusalem (“Jewish Nationalism & Hebrew Universalism”)



Final day – Piecing together a Larger Story

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