Our Team

Rabbi Gavriel Reiss

directs LAVI's Israel Activities and founded the ATID student leadership program. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he completed officers training in the Israeli Air Force and served operationally in the IDF’s EGOZ counter-guerrilla unit in Lebanon. Rabbi Reiss is a frequent lecturer on history, Jewish identity and Zionist ideology, having completed a triple major in philosophy, economics and political science at Hebrew University.

Sharona Bat-Ephraim

manages LAVI's day-to-day operations while pursuing her doctorate at Ben-Gurion University. While completing her Masters at UCLA, she created the DOREINU movement, aimed at inculcating young adults with a strong sense of Jewish national consciousness. As an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley, Sharona was president of Tikvah Students for Israel, a Hasbara Fellow and a StandWithUs Emerson Fellow.

Hila Herskovitz

is a teacher and avid blogger on issues of Jewish history and identity. Born and raised in Israel, she spent four years of her life living in California before returning home to Kfar Nofekh. Hila holds a Masters in Bible Studies from the Herzog teachers college and is one of the blogsphere's leading voices on the topic of Jewish indigeneity.

Rudy Rochman

served as a sniper in Israel's 101st Airborne Brigade before attending Columbia University, where he started the flagship chapter of Students Supporting Israel (SSI). In 2018, Rudy was chosen for the 36 Under 36 award of most influential Jews for creating educational videos aimed at shifting conversations on Jewish identity & Israel. He is currently completing his MBA in Israel and often lectures to inspire the next generation of Jews.

Michael Shepsis

directs LAVI's activities in North America. He is a practicing attorney, having graduated from Northeastern University School of Law in 2009. He is a long time resident of the Boston area and is active in the local Jewish community. Seeking to bring an awareness of Jewish history and identity to young adults, Michael has helped found the Boston chapter of the DOREINU movement to provide fresh Jewish programming focussed on identity politics and national consciousness.

Danit Felber

leads the ATID student leadership program while working as an online marketing manager in Jerusalem. While pursuing a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, she was active in the UPenn Hillel's Israel Sector, Semitic Action and the Israeli-Palestinian dialogue group. Danit made aliyah in 2013 and drafted to the IDF, where she served as a combat fitness instructor. 

Jonathan Kadoch

is a graduate of the University of Maryland and an online advertising professional living in Manhattan. He is responsible for overseeing LAVI's activities in the New York area and led the Vision movement's American delegation at the 37th World Zionist Congress (where he personally spearheaded efforts to push forward LAVI's resolution declaring the Jewish people indigenous to the Land of Israel).

Meira Cohen

graduated New York's School of Visual Arts with a BFA in computer art, animation and visual effects. A resident of Jerusalem since 2012, Meira uses her experience in animation and graphic design to create LAVI's educational materials.

Leah Karchmer

oversees LAVI’s activities on North American campuses. She holds a Masters in Israeli Politics & Society and is currently studying Human Rights & Transnational Justice at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University Law School. As an undergraduate student at DePaul University, Leah founded and led the school’s first Zionist student organization. During that time, she also worked as a student liaison for the Israel Education Center at the Jewish Federation in Chicago and  interned for the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs, the Jewish-Muslim Community-Building Initiative and Semitic Action.

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